NEW SHOW – dance theater, acrobatics and live music


Between dance theater and acrobatics, we follow a playful and mysterious excursion in the footsteps of a forgotten man living alone in his old grandmother’s apartment. We want to welcome you into the intimacy of a magical home, inhabited by a lonely hermit, a fanciful homeless woman and a musical neighbor.

The performance is based and inspired upon a true story that took place in Japan in 2008, where a homeless woman inhabits the wardrobe of a stranger for nearly one year.

By Off Road company (Belgium)

Creation of Mille Lundt, Luis Javier Cordoba / with Mille Lundt, Sergio Mendes and Johan Segerberg / scenography and costume Suzanne Groothuis / light designer Thyl Beniest


“Off Road” is a multidisciplinary performing arts company that was founded in Brussels 2010 by the two artists; Luis Javier Cordoba (Spain) and Mille Lundt (Denmark).

“Off Road” created their first performance in 2010 entitled; “Collisions”; a street performance blending circus techniques and live music, the performance toured in Belgium In 2016 they created the performance “The Intruder” for indoor stages. This performance has been presented in the “Festival UP” and at “Les Rencontres de Thèâtre Jeune Public” de Huy and toured in various places in Belgium. They collaborate with multi disciplinary stage artists in the fields: live music, physical theatre circus technique, installation and architecture. They explore the artists personal and physical expression on stage, and they tend to create performances that unfolds between the real and the un-real.

Mille Lundt (Denmark) is a physical performer. Using her background as a contortionist, she seeks to develop new movements incorporating contortion techniques. In her personal work, she uses a realist approach to theater as a base to construct movements and her own choreographies. She tends to create realistic situations and twist them with her extreme physical language into the unreal. In 2006, Mille took the initiative, with ten other artists, to create a circus and music company “Royal Bones”. This collaboration resulted in the creation of two performances directed by Lars Rudolfsson and Niels P. Munk. Furthermore, she has worked under the direction of Cille Lansade in two creations: firstly her solo piece “Somewhere Nowhere”, selected by Juggling The Arts in 2008 and presented at the festival KIT in 2010, Copenhagen. Her second creation with Cille Lansade was with the highly respected company “Cie Anomalie” in the performance “Les Larmes Des Bristlecone”, 2013. She has worked as a dancer with the company L’A Rachid Ouramdane since 2009 performances “Ordinary Witnesses” and “Sfumato”. She is now the artistic leader of the company Off Road that has created “Collisions” 2010 and “The Intruder” 2016.


Sergio Mendes (Portugal) is a performer and a choreographer, blending acrobatics and dance. He searches extremities through his acrobatic skills and self choreographed movements. On stage he is attached to the notion of simplicity and maintains a physical approach in his acting. As a live performer, Sergio is also interested in video performance, often creating his own films and projecting them in different ways in his work. He has worked with the Norwegian circus director Rudi Jensen on several projects both in Norway and abroad since 2005. In 2010, he was part of the children’s piece  “Rodina”, touring throughout Norway. He has been a tutor for several years at the circus preparation school, Danshögskolan and Teaterhögskolan in Stockholm, where he also choreographed smaller projects with his students. Sergio has created several short pieces of his own which have been performed in Brussels and has also choreographed different acts and street performances for circus artists in Belgium, Norway and in Sweden.


Johan Segerberg (Sweden) was a kid growing up with music and art’s on Gotland, in his youth he played the cello at the local music school and the electric bass at the youth club. Later Johan started to study music at the hight school on the mainland, where he’s main instrument became the double bass, and at The Rythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen where Johan got possesed by the freeform jazz approach to the electronic music. Since 1997 Johan experimented with the use of music electronics, particulary in he’s solo performances and music for stage arts. Johan Segerberg now lives in Denmark. He creates, plays and teaches music – always working in the field of free improvisation and music electronics.

Johan has co-created the company Royal Bones that created the performance “Fusk” directed by Lars Rudolfsson and “Cirkus Koncert” directed by Niels P. Munk, he has among others collaborated with: Teatro Glimt in several of their productions, Cie Off Road and the band Hannes Alliance.