Variété Hablingbo has without a doubt become a landmark for Swedes living or visiting the island of Gotland. Every summer, for six weeks between July and August, it’s not just theatre that audiences seek out in the Variété Hablingbo tent. What they want is an experience.

A space for fleeting theatrical experiences, the theatre tent is re-erected every summer on the edge of the woods on the same site as one of the island’s most popular restaurants – an ideal setting and atmosphere for a cultural experience.

For 15 years now, Santo Magonza (the founder) and his teams have managed to bring together a loyal audience, overcoming the challenge of creating a performance space in the middle of the Gotland countryside. Designed to disseminate the performing arts, this space has successfully established itself as a landmark for all.



Although still in its early days, Variété Hablingbo is a fantastic tool which has already largely achieved its initial objectives. Now, in order to rise to new artistic challenges, to meet audiences’ and artists’ changed expectations and to get closer to the territory and its inhabitants, Variété Hablingbo has taken on a new project, providing Gotland with a new cultural asset.